B2B Market Research

Insight Survey is a South African B2B market research company with almost 10 years of heritage, focusing on business-to business (B2B) market research to ensure smarter, more-profitable business decisions are made with reduced investment risk.

Every business faces difficulties at one time or another. The challenge is recognising what these issues are and, more importantly, working out ways to overcome them. We offer B2B market research solutions to help you to successfully improve or expand your business, enter new markets, launch new products or better understand your internal or external environment.

Insight Survey are experts at conducting Telephonic Surveys, Online Surveys and In-depth Interviews among B2B target markets ranging from: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Business and Purchase Decision Makers to Healthcare Practitioners and Medical Doctors, Business Owners, Company Managers and Employees.

We know that reaching professional decision-makers is no easy task.  We have robust acquisition channels, and utilising our network of specialised recruitment and panel partners, we can reach professionals across most industries and job roles.

Most importantly, interviews are conducted by researchers who have the necessary skills to communicate effectively with B2B respondents, ask intelligent questions and astutely probe responses so you gain the best B2B insights.

We provide B2B market research among small, medium and large companies in South Africa, with considerable experience in the following industries:

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SAMRA and B-BBEE Certification

Insight Survey are accredited SAMRA corporate members and a verified Level 1 B-BBEE company.