South African Healthcare Industry Report

Compiled June/July 2017 (137 pages): The report provides a detailed analysis and synthesis of industry research, examining the global and South African Healthcare Industry from a uniquely holistic perspective: Global and SA Burden of Disease, Medical advancements in major chronic diseases, Healthcare Policy (NDP 2030, Strategic Plan 2017-2022, NHI as per government gazette 30 June 2017), Healthcare Practitioner Stats 2017, Hospitals and Clinic Stats 2017, Medical Aids, and the Pharmaceutical Services Sector.

Full Report: R25,000 (excl. VAT)

Per Section: R9,000 (excl. VAT)

Some key questions the report will help you to answer:

For the South African Population Demographics Section:

  • What is the South African population’s age, race and gender distribution in 2017?

For the Global and South African Burden of Disease Section:

  • What is the burden of disease globally and in South Africa?
  • What are the key underlying natural causes of death in South Africa?
  • What are the Global and South African health indicators (mortality, life expectancy and fertility rates)?
  • What are some of the major chronic diseases affecting us at both a global and a South African level?

For the Department of Health and Healthcare Policy Section:

  • What is South Africa’s National Development Plan for 2030?
  • What is the National Strategic Plan on HIV, STI’s and TB for 2017-2022?
  • What is the latest on the National Health Insurance (per government gazette 30 June 2017)?

For the Healthcare Practitioner Overview section:

  • What is the distribution of South African healthcare practitioners provincially?
  • What are the distribution of healthcare practitioners in the public versus the private sector of South Africa?

For the Hospitals and Clinics section:

  • What is the provincial distribution of private hospitals and clinics in South Africa?
  • What is the provincial distribution of public hospitals and clinics in South Africa?
  • What is the market share of private hospital beds, by hospital network?

For the Medical Aid section:

  • What is the proportion of population covered by medical aid schemes in South Africa?
  • What are the top 3 South African medical aid administrators’ share in the market?
  • What is the age and gender distribution of medical aid beneficiaries?

For the Pharmaceutical Services Sector section:

  • What is the provincial breakdown of pharmaceutical services in South Africa?
  • What is the total number of retail pharmacies in South Africa, by pharmacy group?
  • Who are the key retail players in the SA pharmaceutical industry?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the pharmaceutical market?